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Client Testimonials

"I have been working with Adrian Ellis since the spring of 2007 as one of his many early subscribers to his Stockbox Photo Software – web based stock photography platform. I cannot say enough good things about Adrian. He provides a valuable product that is constantly being improved and upgraded. Additionally, my sites require quite a bit of custom coding and that has never been a problem! I currently own two of his products.

Adrian is extremely affable, very straightforward, and completely reliable. His word is above reproach and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any photographer or artist interested in selling they’re own work online. When Adrian tells you something is going to happen – he makes it happen!"

Steve Marsel, Boston, Massachusetts

"I wasn’t a stranger to picture databases, agencies and e-commerce when I found Stockbox Photo. Having launched and managed The Canadian Press Images site, the largest online editorial database in Canada, I knew the requirements and benefits well. But when I needed an out of the box, cost-effective version to use for a special client project – Stockbox Photo delivered that and so much more. The features offered out of the box came very close to the system we built at The Canadian Press for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since then Stockbox has built a custom online submission and judging system for photos and text around their software, for the National Newspaper Awards (Canada’s highest journalism awards). They took our design spec and built an amazing contest judging system that has now been in use for four contest years with great success. Their real-time support and hosting has made online management of the national awards a success. If you are looking for an out of the box solution, as I was for my own site, or need a high powered, customized application, I would highly recommend Stockbox Photo and their expert staff."

Ron Poling, Ancaster, Canada

"Gecko and Adrian Ellis provided superior service at a competitive price. Most importantly for us, they provided a quick turnaround on the site design - everything was on time, on budget and exceeded our expectations. We needed a site that reflected our position as one of North America's leading providers of mezzanine debt and equity finance, Gecko was able to tailor a site ideal for our needs. We have had many compliments from the visitors to our site and our stakeholders. We would recommend Gecko unreservedly".

Jeremy South, Vancouver, B.C.

"Stockbox were extremely reassuring, patient and helpful as we made the transition from our old html-based site to a new PHP driven one. Their software already came with excellent features, but they worked with us to customize it even further to our needs. Quick response, thoughtful service, and a great product, they offer it all!"

Henry Domke, New Bloomfield, Missouri

"Stockboxphoto has allowed me to change my website that had been a static site since 2000 to a highly dynamic search-driven e-commerce site. Currently I offer over 280,000 photographs on-line. The wonderful people at Stockboxphoto made the transition very easy. Considering the great amount of images and work involved, the process was very smooth and at all times I could count on the assistance of Stockboxphoto’s staff. Excellent piece of software, very well worth the investment."

Peter Langer, North Vancouver, Canada

“Stockboxphoto has been for me the light at the end of a very long tunnel. I had tried unsuccessfully over a long period of time to have a professional e-commerce website designed and built, but it became a minefield of unresolved problems with a very fragile operating system. Stockboxphoto’s top of the range Enterprise system was the exact opposite. Sturdy, confidence boosting, with a help manual to cover almost every eventuality, backed up by the Stockboxphoto team’s quick and efficient responses. I could not have hoped for a better system to tailor to our own design. I realised recently that if I had continued as I was, before I was referred to Stockboxphoto, that my life could have been blighted by technical problems, whereas now I feel I have been given an open door on the world and all the freedoms that go with it. The compliments keep flowing in, thank you guys!"

Austin Brown, London, UK

"As digital photography empowered me in 1999, ten years later Stockbox Photo has done it again. Good things do come in pairs"

David Levine, London, UK

"I’ve been searching for a platform to show my photos to clients and found the perfect fit with the Stockbox Photo program. I was able to customize the look and feel exactly how I wanted and am extremely pleased with the final outcome. The feature to add keywords to photos so clients can do a keyword search is extremely helpful and a definite sales booster. The program is easy to use and the Tech Support is great. The “Behind the scenes” set up for adding photos and indexing is really easy to use and fast. Extreme Nature Photography would not be possible if it wasn’t for this great program and the tech support folks at Stockbox Photo."

Mike Theiss, Key Largo, Florida

"I found Stockbox Photo quite by accident, but I’ve thanked my lucky stars every day since. During an initial discussion with a website developer to explore feasibility of developing an e-commerce site to showcase my photographs, I pointed the developer to a site that I greatly admired and told him “I want to develop a site that works something like THIS” – and as it turned out, the site I had pointed out was one built around the Stockbox Photo gallery software. I contacted the friendly folks at Stockbox Photo, and after reviewing their demos, exploring the features of their Control Panel, and studying their awesome System Configuration & Help Menu, I chose not only to buy the Stockbox Photo software, but I contracted with Stockbox Photo to customize my site and decided to use their hosting service to host my site as well – all at a fraction of the price I would have paid elsewhere. As a newcomer to website development, I really appreciated the outstanding technical support, quick response, and exceptional customer service provided by the team at Stockbox Photo. I could not have found a better team to have in our corner as we launch our new business. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned web veteran, you can trust these folks to deliver a great product and stand behind it every step of the way. Thank you Stockbox! It’s a privilege having your name associated with my website."

John Smith, Golden, Colorado

"Being a photographer nowadays, you spend more and more time with your computer and unfortunately even more time than with your camera. With stockboxphoto and their support, I have finally found a tool which optimizes my digital workflow and client communication, both in the assignment and the stock-image sections. It is the first time ever that I have a tool which does exactly what I need - a software application tailored with the thinking of a photographer. Stockboxphoto will add to my creativity, as I now will have a lot more time for my real profession and passion again – photography itself. Thank you!"

Karl Thomas, Vienna, Austria

"After many years, I have finally found the software I trust to help me manage my images online - just as I wanted it. The initial setup for my old static website took me 3 months to develop. Stockbox took me a week! The support from Stockbox has been phenomenal! They are very quick to respond to my questions - especially with the time difference between us. Thanks to Stockbox, no more lengthy, time consuming web page development for me. The limitations now lie with me and how quickly I can caption and keyword . . ."

Jürgen Freund, Far North Queensland, Australia

"Stockbox has been an easy company to work with. They provided an online proofing program for my wedding and portrait clients that allows clients' friends and family members from a distance to see images and purchase them. Stockbox matched my website's look and whenever I want updates Stockbox has been quick to respond. I recommend this company to all professionals wanting to have their images displayed in a clean and professional manner".

Cyndi Freeman, New York, NY

"Thanks for suggesting that I move our website to Gecko. The transfer was fast and easy, plus your customer service is outstanding. I love the control panel – very user friendly. I wish I had found Gecko long ago. You are doing a great job. Another happy customer!! Thanks"

Iris Broyles, Cleburne TX, USA

“In Hawaii we say ‘Mahalo’ when we want to express our gratitude and thank someone for a job well done. Truth is, Adrian Ellis of Gecko Web Development deserves a ‘Big Mahalo!’ Adrian has proven to be extremely timely and very knowledgeable in providing my company with his website development services. His patience and friendly manner in explaining technical issues in simple terms has been an added bonus. Adrian has been able to get my website online in a very short time and has always responded to my phone inquiries and emails in a timely manner. Adrian has taken the load off my mind so now I can focus my time and resources to my immediate business needs. I know my website is in good hands. I look forward to a long and successful relationship with Adrian and Gecko Web Development”.

Mark Miyoshi, Honolulu, Hawaii

"I want to express my appreciation Adrian, for the website you designed for me and my business. Gecko Web Development did a wonderful job of taking my wishes and dreams and turning them into something that really and truly works. It was done ahead of time, and on budget! You have shown yourself to be a caring and careful designer, in that you created a webpage that reflects my desires and provided it with a 'look' that was just what I wanted. I thank you for the work you have done, and for the image that you created".

Bradley Ford, Brighton, Ontario

"The daunting task of finding a web site developer was made so easy when I discovered Gecko Web Development. Adrian Ellis provided me with prompt, accurate and courteous service. Everyone who visits my web site extends accolades to Gecko. With confidence, I can refer potential customers to Adrian at Gecko. I have experienced professional services, competitive pricing and on-going customer service".

Ruth Anne Whicher, Cobourg, Ontario

"On behalf of I'm Your Canuck Gifts, I would like to thank you for the excellent website you have developed for us. Not only did you provide the technical knowledge but you also helped out tremendously with your tips and directions for business management and e-commerce solutions.

We are grateful for your patience throughout the project life cycle and value the services you have provided us. Having achieved the superb results as can be seen on our classy website, no doubt through your hard work, we assure you our support with references for your excellent work."

Mahnaz Bourouiba, Hinton, Alberta

"Adrian from Gecko did a fantastic job designing my web site. He has an eye for creating web pages that are attractive, well laid out and very easy to navigate. No matter what problems I threw at him he had a practical solution in place within the hour. I'm really pleased with the end result and have had many favourable comments regarding my site. Thanks Adrian, for pulling it all together!"

Sherry Howden, Hastings, Ontario